Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Being open to Opportunities

Recap of 2016

Reflecting on the year that's been, it's amazing looking back and seeing all that I've achieved and done in such a short period of time.
Starting in February Tom Mower Sr. made a big come back and returned to Australia to officially launch Sisel in Australia.  I was thrilled and felt very privileged to have been asked to organize the Adelaide event and to meet Tom himself was amazing!  It was a huge success at the Adelaide Entertainment centre with over 150 guests.  Tom took to the time to meet and greet each guest after the main show and pose for photos.  What a fabulous night we all had!  Tom toured the country and many of us followed his tour around Australia in much excitement and Sisel Australia is off and racing!

I achieved 2 Star Master Rank with my Sisel biz, a thrill for me seeing that my work has paid off.  Never had I thought I could do this, but what you don't try you never know... putting myself out there and believing in myself was the best thing I ever did!  It's only been 2 years since I started with Sisel and the opportunity has taken me to some fantastic places and I have met and made so many friends with that will remain for life. 

In August Leisel and Tom Mower Jr toured Australia with the fabulous Glamour without Guilt Tour, once again I was totally thrilled to be asked to organize this event in Adelaide and to host both Tom and Leisel.  It wasn't all work for these guys, I managed to whisk them away for a break to see some of Adelaide's highlights.  Leisel was so very excited to cuddle her very first koala and boy was I ever so happy to be part of that.  I'm so thankful to the girls in my team that helped me and wanted to be a part of all the goings on whilst the tour was taking place, we all had so much fun together.

I was absolutely thrilled when I got a feature article in the Sisel International blog and recognition as a Sisel Top Leader.  Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do something new!!  I think back about the choice I made in believing in myself and it's the best feeling ever!

Tom Mower Sr. announced he was coming back to Australia, the welcome was awesome, we asked for it we got it!  Boy he knows how to surprise us.. we were given a special treat and witnessed a revolutionary new Sisel product called Intrepid.  It's and instant eye bag remover with no toxic ingredients.  I was lucky enough to see it work in real time and all I can say is WOW.. totally amazing stuff Tom!  Sisel has loads in store for the new year, we thank Tom for sharing all of this special news with us.

I have had such an amazing year with new friends, travel and new experiences and looking forward to all the amazing things 2017 is going to bring.  The Mowers are the most generous people I have ever met and sharing the Mower Mission is not a chore but a total delight!  So on that note, I just want to say thank you to my girls, you're all amazing and to you reading this.. never give up on a dream!

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