Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Why start your own business?

Are You An Entrepreneur?

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Monday, August 10, 2015

The scary truth about eyelash extensions that you may not be aware of...

Unsafe Eyelash Extensions

It pays to do your research on beauty treatments as shown here for these eyelash extensions, can you imagine putting formaldehyde on your eyelids, no thanks!  Did you know using formaldehyde can result in irritation of nerves in the eyes and nose. 
This may cause:
Burning stinging or itching sensations
A sore throat
Teary eyes
Blocked sinuses
People have suffered dermatitis after wearing clothing or using cosmetic products that contained high levels of formaldehyde.
After exposure to formaldehyde in solution form in hair products or in resins used in clothing and textiles, people can become sensitive to formaldehyde and develop on-going allergies.
People who have become sensitised to formaldehyde may also suffer from asthma and contact dermatitis.
The good news is our Siselash 3D brush on fibre lashes are safe and a gorgeous alternative that can be done in your own home without the big price ticket.   

Follow the link to Siselash all you need is my Distributor ID (AUS4542526) to order now and shipping direct to your door anywhere in the world

The Age Pill is coming

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