Tuesday, May 30, 2017

232 Toxic Chemicals were found in 10 Babies

Time to make a change for our future!

232 Toxic Chemicals were found in 10 Babies and the cord blood study has produced hard new evidence that children are being exposed in the womb, to complex mixtures of dangerous substances that may have lifelong consequences.

Will you make the change for your children's future like I did?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Timeless Skin

The powers of nature with the innovations of science to bring you the finest skin care regimen in anti-aging. 

Not all skin care systems are the same. Not only do they differ in price, they can also differ in quality of ingredients, safety, and end results. 
Many serums and lotions on the market are filled with ingredients that can actually cause you to age faster and many contain fillers being composed of up to 70% water, our NUMBER ONE product Transfusium is only 20% water and contains 24 active ingredients that are gathered from all around the world.
Transfusium has been specifically formulated to be Sisel Safe and highly effective on the skin giving you a youthful appearance in a matter of weeks.
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The Age Pill is coming

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