Monday, September 21, 2015

The best thing about this shampoo is what's not in it....

Do you know what's in your shampoo?

So I was a little sceptical about using a new shampoo, I've been using the same one for the last 15 years or so now, but with a dry itchy scalp I knew I had to do something about it. Just recently I saw this video on Potentially Harmful Ingredients to look for in your Shampoo, I watched and was totally blown away by what I was hearing.  How could they put this stuff in my shampoo and how can we be using this stuff on our children!  
Enough is enough it's time to avoid the ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, parapens & sodium laureth sulfates, these are just some potential cancer causing products.  
I put in my order for the Sisel safe Sisel Sapphire Shampoo & Conditioner and received it pretty fast, In my excitement to use it I dropped the shampoo bottle but luckily no spillage or break.  I've now used the new products at least 6 times and ecstatic with the results so far and the dry scalp is most definitely healing and feeling better than ever and I know the product isn't causing me or my family any harm. 
So the absolute best thing about this shampoo is what's not in it... you know the nasty stuff like Sodium Lauryl Sulfates & parabens that are dangerous to our health.  Watch Tom's informative video below and make the change, contact me now

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sisel Rapid Repair Night Cream

Wow I'm totally blown away and excited with the results I'm getting from using the beautiful Sisel Rapid Repair Night Cream and it's only been a couple of weeks so far.
My skin feels so soft, smooth and hydrated. I've also noticed when I apply make-up it goes on evenly and stays looking nice for longer.
It's a sure fire winner for me.
You can get yours here., sent direct to your doorstep anywhere in the world. Contact me for more information.

Fortify your skin each night for the daily environmental assault
Our skin ages primarily because of environmental damage from three different sources that all work differently within the skin: 1) light, 2) airborne toxins, and 3) toxins from cosmetics and skincare products. Rapid Repair Night Cream is the first and only product on the market that directly addresses the skin aging assault from all of these sources.*
This is not your grandmother’s night cream!Typical night creams contain heavy moisturizers to hydrate the skin for a plumping effect. Rapid Repair does replenish moisture in the skin, but it takes a revolutionary approach to skin care. With its premium, biologically active ingredients, this potent formula directly counterattacks the environmental factors that cause the skin to age.*
Rapid Repair Night Cream is not sunblock or sunscreen. Rather, its powerful antioxidants intercept oxidation as it occurs and before it can penetrate deeper or cause permanent damage—much like a lighted match can burn down an entire forest, but a single drop of water can put out the match. Sisel has found a way to stabilize resveratrol so it is released on demand and immediately neutralizes oxidation. Stabilized, oil soluble Vitamin C is another effective antioxidant, but its primary role is to replenish the needs of the collagen in the skin so it stays beautiful, supple, vital and vibrant—and you don’t lose elasticity. Thioredoxin breaks the disulfide bonds that cause wrinkles, so the lines appear shorter, shallower, and less noticeable. Fending off the environmental assault helps the skin recover its normal function, so that it lays down healthy new cells in even layers.*
Your skin is a living, breathing organ. Treat it that way! Instead of rehydrating the skin in ways that seal out the oxygen and seal in moisture, carbon dioxide, and toxins that the skin is trying to eliminate, Rapid Repair helps the skin maintain its moisture-regulating barrier and rehydrate itself. Your skin will look so much younger as it starts to function optimally, rather than being bombarded by light and toxins, and suppressed or suffocated with moisturizers or heavy makeup.*
Tonight and every night, prepare your skin to defend itself against the environmental factors that would cause it to age prematurely. Remember to extend your facial treatments to include the sensitive skin on your neck and décolleté. You’ll love Rapid Repair’s luxuriant feel and especially the dramatic results. Pleasant dreams!
Get yours here Distributor Details Jo Hill / ID AUS4542526

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