Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Leisel Mower Glamour without the Guilt Tour

First it was the Tom Mower Sr, followed by Fabian Loso, now we are excited to announce the 
Leisel Mower Glamour without the Guilt Australian Tour
Happening August 2016

Australia are you Ready??
The Mower Mission returns to Australia

Leisel Mower's “Glamour Without The Guilt” Tour, will introduce us to a line of Cosmetics, Skin Care and Personal Care products that are Sisel Safe and follow the philosophy of the Mower Mission. 
It is going to be phenomenal and I know that you all will benefit greatly by attending the events around Australia.   Leisel is one of the most passionate, wonderful presenters that you will have an opportunity to meet!   She of course grew up in the Mission of her father, Tom Mower Sr., and as such has profound love for this movement.   This is an opportunity for distributors and guests alike to be introduced to one of the most elegant lines of products that have no harmful toxins, chemicals or heavy metals that are so damaging to the human body!
Tour dates in Australia will be:
Saturday, August 6: Sydney
Sunday, August 7: Melbourne
Tuesday, August 9: Adelaide 
Thursday, August 11: Perth 
Saturday, August 13: Brisbane/Gold Coast

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